Mr. Eddie Tan

I just found this testimonial (written in 2008). I shall dedicate this post to one of the few secondary teachers that has impacted my life in so many ways and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Mr. Eddie Tan. The name still resounds in my head. Even though five long years have passed me by, I will never forget his unique and colourful ways of teaching, coaching and guiding that motivated me and my classmates to improve and grasp the science foundation and concepts. He also never failed to inspire us to be the best we could be. Also, the way he disciplines always targeted the students’ behavior, not the students themselves.

Apart from being curriculum-orientated, his heart overflows with love, care and concern for his students’ welfare and moral development. Even in external competitions not related to studies, he goes all out to assist the students. Being always ready to be involved in the students’ lives, he earned my full respect.

Currently, I am honoured to have many opportunities to work for and alongside him in Temasek Secondary School. He still surprises me with his passion for and enjoyment in imparting young talents with not just paper knowledge, but his life’s virtues as well.



8 years have passed

“10 years from now, this will be a metropolis. Never fail.”

NDP 2002 came and went. 8 years from that, I still have no respect for that particular person ‘T’. 2002’s event was terribly executed.  No other words to describe that event. The only saving grace was the friendships forged because of the long hours spent with each other. We came to know each other’s behaviours, characters, etc. Our friendships got us through that.

Just a few hours ago, I got to experience another event handled by ‘T’. It was bad, real bad. Again, I have no words (in english or chinese or malay) to describe how bad the organisation was. Everyone was left waiting in between acts. There was no order of events. Stage management was terrible as there were no fixed position for the instruments, etc etc etc.

The list goes on.

“All performers, please proceed to backstage area. now. now!”