Spectrum TV – New Semester, New Edition

The updated website is now out. Go have a look. The first episode of Nanyang Spectrum, NTU’s student news program is now out. The 2nd episode will be up very soon. Kaleidoscope’s (lifestyle-focused) episode will be uploaded soon after their recording is done.



What works in Safari/Firefox doesn’t work in IE7. Internet Explorer 7, what is your problem. You wasted my whole night, part of my afternoon just trying to figure you out. It wasn’t just my time. Melvin, Terence, Andrew, Kai Jie, etc etc….spent time trying to figure out what is wrong and why is it laggy.

Windows. Rubbish. Mac. Much better.

SpectrumTV update

A new year. A new sem. A whole new website.

www.spectrumtv.sg has been updated (somewhat) and is now showing an ‘under-construction’ page.  Feel free to proceed there to view the archived video episodes produced by students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, OR, take a look at the sneak peak of the renewed homepage.

www.spectrumtv.sg contains videos concerning both REAL news and ENTERTAINMENT news.

hmm. I don’t know how to explain it further. haha. When the website is up (more inspiration needed), an update will be sent out again.

NTU Spectrum TV

iWeb is lovely, iWeb is great, iWeb is for noobs, who know no codes.

WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) is great too. For all those who do not like Dreamweaver,Flash,notepads,etc etc etc, jump to the APPLE boat, and use iWeb. It is a life saver and yet so simple to use.

Tagline – “Everyone can do it”

www.spectrumtv.sg – check this out. Totally created and ‘coded’ by iWeb. No fuss at all, no sweat(almost).

okay okay, I know. It looks a little too colourful and unprofessional and kiddish and comes across as a little insincere. Although most of the designs were from higher ups. 🙂

current NTUSTV

But don’t fret, a REVISED version is coming out soon; real soon. It will look better and more pro…I hope. We aim to achieve the PRO look together with easy access and navigation. Here is a sneak preview, just for viewers who bother to visit this page. 🙂 Its nothing much, but it is a start, at least. hehe

revised NTUSTV

Okay, a little publicity for that website. NTU Spectrum TV is just one of the many platforms used to broadcast videos produced by a group of students from Wee Kim Wee Sch of Info & Comm. This channel consists of NANYANG SPECTRUM (Campus News) & NANYANG KALEIDOSCOPE(Arty News & updates). To read more about the ABOUT, go to http://www.spectrumtv.sg/NTUSTV/aboutus.html