WKWSCIFOC2009 – A Song For Viola – EP05


We the Maincomm of Logs/Welfare pledge ourselves to be one united people, regardless of school, age and religion, to support and create a successful FOC, for the committee, seniors and the freshies. We do transport, accomodation, food, drinks, first aid, deliveries, planning, shopping, manual labour, backstage. We are mostly unheard of, rarely seen. The stuff we do, no one knows. BUT, the stuff we do, makes a difference.

This whole post is dedicated to us guys. Some called us superman, some said we were SKWs, some took us for granted, some didn’t even bother to say thanks, some said that our job was easy, some said we were slacking, some wondered why we were not with the OGs, some said this, some said that.

But in our hearts,we know we were simply doing our job, and doing our job to the best of our abilities.

During those 5 days, we were always away from camp, either busy with food/snacks or busy purchasing stuff for the camp inventory.

Talking about that, we were total aunties during the preparation period + actual camp la. Super fun, yet super embarrasing. Our receipts are super long, with like countless items being scanned through the barcode scanner. The real aunties at the checkout counters are always overwhelmed. Their faces ALWAYS light up when we arrive at the counter. They will also get more people to help pack/scan/load the items. We would feel so happy seeing those bewildered looks on their faces. It is either us, or the money that they can potentially earn.

Remember the days….
1) Remember the days when we had to change our dollar notes into coins to be able to get more trolleys
2) Remember the days when we had 3 trolleys to lug everything around
3) Remember the days when we had fun clearing out the shelves of NTUC/Sheng Siong/Giant
4) Remember the days when we needed 2/3 people to help push/jumpstart the trolley.
5) Remember the days when shoppers stared at us like zoo animals
6) Remember the days when we braved the cold rain to get supplies for our hungry campers
7) Remember the days when packetdrinks/food/people flew about in the van because of centrifugal forces
8) Remember the days when we missed important sessions of the camp, all because of purchasing stuff for people
9) Remember the days when 3 of us went around shopping for the best deal, like total aunties.

Remembers the days … … … So many in my head, yet so hard to put into proper sentences.

Thank you both for the memories I had. I am so glad that we are all in this together. Got to know the both of you much much better through the time spent figuring out stuff, acquiring equipment, and just plain chatting/gossiping. haha.

Once again, thanks for the memories.


WKWSCIFOC2009 – A Song for Viola – EP04


We are so glad you enjoyed that camp. Most of you all even say that the camp was the best one, the most memorable one, the camp that you will never miss for anything else.

Even though most of us can’t be with you throughout the camp as we were busy with logistics/welfary stuff, we were with you in spirit. However sad that may sound, but we are still thankful for being able to organise and be part of the most awesomemest camp in Singapore. 🙂

Continue to form bonds that will stick like peanut butter. Continue to cherish friends that will be with you through thick and thin for the 4 years in WKWSCI and the many later years to come.

Stay close, stay united people. 🙂

WKWSCIFOC2009 – A Song for Viola – EP03


I shall now attempt to……..

Wei Liang [Chair]

WL, u are a totally unique person with unique working patterns and quirkiness. LOLx. You are really different when you are doing FOC. You are full of aspirations, and have a way of communicating the visions to your team well. I am somehow inspired by some of the points u make. You also have a way of spurring people on despite the challenges. I am thankful for someone to challenge us to greater heights. Thank you for also keeping my welfare at heart always. For the past 9 months, working alongside you has helped me learn more about you too. Thanks for giving me the chance to serve the school population by being in logs for this camp. Thanks for seeing the potential in me. I hope that I didn’t disappoint you. Btw, change your HP for good. LOL

Jun Qi [ViceChair]

Hey, JQ. Sry for bothering you throughout the preparation stages of the camp. Once again, thank you for all the help rendered through the stages. Thanks for helping out with the booking of the SU van. Thanks for purchasing more car sponges when I was super busy. Thanks for being a great leader for us to look up to. Glad you were and are part of the Raviolis, the best OG. =p=p Continue shining for God in the areas you are involved in. Oh yea, thanks for being the main call centre for the entire team when WL was down. 🙂

Kai Jie [HonGen]

KJ, you are super admin orientated before the actual camp. With contact details, car washes to organise, attendance lists to collate before any fund raising events, etc etc, you are super pro to keep track of all these man. Nice one. Thanks for being a friend, a person to talk to. Finally you found your successor for Project Runway. Groom him up well. LOLx.

Mingyi [FinCon]

Woohoo. Enjoy the long long auntie-like receipts provided by your dearest Logs/welfare. 🙂 We tried to make it easy for you, but the real aunties at NTUC@JP don’t want to co-operate and obey our instructions. I did my best horx, don’t shoot me. haha. Thanks for meticulously tracing receipts and revenue from fund raising events. Don’t fret with the long claim forms coming in. Do your best bah.

Angeline [ChiefProg]

Joanne [HeadProg]

Becky [HeadProg]

Sarah [HeadProg]

Nurbaya [HeadProg]

Thanks proggers for the games, all the planning, all the sweat, all the brainstorming just to get the beautiful games up and running. Thanks for running the camp smoothly during the actual proceedings. Thanks for support the logs side to the best of your abilities. Despite the fierce chief and her fierce outward appearances, loggers will thank you for the strong leadership and firm decision making. 🙂 Thanks for helping loggers in what every way you can, seriously. Without you all, we would be overwhelmed.

Evadne [Pub]

Jeslyn [Pub]

What more can I say, but beautiful AV coverage of the entire event, including the preparation process. Thanks for the photoshoot sessions that made us so different from what is in the natural. Thanks for doing up the video together with WL and his SWL. Thanks for the nice nice blog put up for us and the freshies. And thanks to the photog/videog team too. 🙂

Ash [BizMag]

Chi Hua [BizMag]

Woo. The money conquerers. 🙂 Whether is it through sponsors, surveys, events, etc, money just come flowing in because of you two. 🙂 Despite the huge setback this year because of the financial crisis, and the YOG@NTU, both of you managed to garner so much money man. So much that we are quite able to provide super welfare stuff for the campers.

Terence [Loggers]

Job [Welfare]

Finally, BUT NOT THE LEAST. My fellow bros in crime. I will dedicate one whole post for the logs/welfare. But for now, I can’t say anything more but thank you. The preparation stages weren’t easy. It was even harder during the actual camp. We only survived on motivations/encouragement from each other, and from a handful of others. We were always away from camp, always disappearing into the SU van to do some random, last minute shopping for the various committees. Always @ JP buying food/drinks/snacks for everyone. But still, we tried our best to do the best for the camp. Thanks for being united til the end. Thanks for being slow to anger. Thanks for being sharp, thanks for being determined, thanks for everything. I would have died and failed terribly without you guys man. What more can i ask for…seriously…

I think that’s all I have to sae at this time in the morning. Thanks once again to the entire maincomm for organising such a great camp. I have learnt loads from every single one of you, and have learnt much more about most of you too. 🙂 Events like these really bring the entire team closer together. Despite the many setbacks, friendly arguments disagreements, we got there. We reached the goal. The flag will be passed down to the next generation.


WKWSCIFOC2009 – A Song for Viola – EP02

|su van|

I will miss your

1) Turbo-charged diesel engine
2) Huge side mirrors
3) Non-existent bonnet
4) Super small turning radius
5) Manual override function

I will not miss your

1) huge blindspots
2) smelly interior
3) spoilt aircon
4) noisy engine
5) weird door locking mechanism

I was thankful and am still thankful for the Students’ Union Van booked from the 4th to the 10th of July. Thanks Junqi for booking AND re-booking the van because of the stupid booking system (kept giving us errors about block booking, and blah blah). Thanks so much for persevering despite those setbacks. At least we got what we needed, and the van really helped a lot. A car wouldn’t be able to carry so many bulky and heavy stuff.

I was devastated when the van’s air-conditioning mysteriously broke down on the 2nd day. DARN! I CANNOT survive the hot, humid days without aircon in the stuffy van. ARGH! It must break down on the 2nd day somemore. How irritating. It is not really fun driving around, and perspiring at the same time. Not a nice sight too. lol.

When Terence and I collected the SU van (thanks terence, for staying up so late with me) late friday night, the van was already making swishing noises everytime I turn/brake. I really didn’t think that anything bad was up. I just assumed that the hydraulics of some obscure insignificant part of the van was failing. How was I to know that clogged condensation from the aircon flooded the fan motor, thus frying the circuits inside, and causing the entire fan belt to fail. WHAO. If only I knew.

Anyway, I got used to the humid environment inside the van, and to everyone who sat in it, sorry for the bad conditions behind. You had to endure the heat from the overworked engine, the nauseating turns I made and the stale air from food/drinks+camp logistics behind.

To SU: Please maintain your vehicle like it is yours. 🙂 It is not nice for the school population to use a van such as this. Anyway Raj, thanks for facilitating the rental of this van. Thank you for arranging everything smoothly. Do try to streamline the booking system though, it is quite confusing. haha.

Jai Ho

I really didn’t know that the mass dance song had english words in them til now. How Sua-ku. HAHA. So here’s the lyrics for me to remember years down the road. 🙂 And here is the music video .:)

Jai Ho(2x)

I got (I got) shivers (shivers),
When you touch The Light,
I’ll make you hot,
Get all you got,
I’ll make you wanna say (Jai Ho)

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It is over. Lovely cause it is over, and quite sad cause it is over. 🙂 My mind is not thinking straight at 1.22am in the morning, thus i will have to elaborate more later in the afternoon.

I am super drained, tired out, yet feeling so happy that 114 freshies enjoyed their time during the 5 days. 5 days of fun. 5 days of tears. 5 days of tension. 5 days of plain brainless work. 5 days of helping out. 5 days of enjoyment. 5 days of packet food. 5 days of SU van. 5 days with friends that matter to me so much. 5 days doing my best for this camp.

Lovely. I will never forget these 5 days of my life.