Photo | BIG_MOUSE | 1 year, countless hours, 4 copies

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | 1 year, countless hours, 4 copies

Few months back, I watched last year’s convocation speech and didn’t quite understand the need for that outburst. Well, now, I can safely say that I totally understand why the need for that exclamation (not saying that I accept the words said though).

After submitting these 4 Final Year Project 100-page reports to the general office, a great baggage dropped off my back. As quickly as the weights fell, some more added on. There were still deadlines to complete, teachers’ expectations to live up to, responsibilities to complete and personal appointments to attend to. Too many lemons in life to squeeze. 2 more school-based presentations and 2 more exam papers later, I will be done with school (but not done with life).

As much as I wanna hope that all these will end soon, I can foresee life’s issues manifesting itself in other ways. *Prepares myself*


Lost Sleep

My goodness, I have seldom given up sleep for school work. To me, sleep is so much more important as with a good night’s rest, I will be better able to handle the next day’s challenges. With adequate rest for the next day, you will be able to finish work more efficiently, you will not be yawning the entire day away, you will not suffer from headaches, etc etc. Falling sick because of inadequate rest is so not worth it because of the extended down time needed to recuperate.

But as you can see, I am still wide awake now, trying to finish up what I can for a school presentation that will take place a day before FYP submission. How shiong is that. Sacrificing my precious commodity for school work. Is it worth it? Will it be worth it?

Am not sure of it myself. But responsible, I will be.

The Lack of a Recess

Man, where did my recess go to. Seriously man, it is my last recess and I am like burning it away because of the assignments, projects and tight deadlines that I have. Oh, and transcribing interviews can really suck time away. A 20-minute interview can take about an hour to complete. Play, pause, rewind, pause, play, pause, rewind, rewind some more, play, rewind even more, play… Tiring to the max man. Thank God I am done with it and all. After a whole week, am left with about 25% of work for FYP and 75% of work for the rest of the regular term projects and stuff. What’s worse? The inability to keep to my desired bedtime. zzz.

The Final Semester

Good evening. It’s the final night before the start of the final semester. 3.5 years passed me by really quickly. Wow. So to commemorate this awesome evening, here’s a photo.


Drivers, please note that NTU has added a speed bump near hall 5, towards canteen B just after NTU’s Pioneer entrance 🙂

Random, I know. A random post for the final semester. Yay. Can’t wait to see what kind of workload I will have for the final leg of this race. FYP + 2 other subjects. Whee.

COM402: As this is an open book exam, you can bring in your own joke

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | An email sent by COM402's professor hours before the exam

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | An email sent by COM402's professor hours before the exam

Finally, the final paper of this 2nd-last semester is over. Also, this is the final Core subject of my university life. Working life beckons.

An email our Prof sent us the night before our 402 exam paper stirred some online chatter. His words to us were weirdly amusing. Some of us also had to google “Fwiw”  to fully understand his email. If distracting us from our final cramming session were the goal, I think our professor succeeded. We ignored our books, lecture notes and reference materials for a good hour or so to discuss the jokes that we will be bringing into the exam hall. We even decided to include those jokes in our answer script for good measure. This prof is just too funny lah.

Now, about the exams. Woah, it wasn’t simple at all. Completing 4 10-mark and 3 20-mark questions within 2 hours is a feat on its own. Some low weightage questions needed lengthy answers to fully meet the requirements but I just didn’t have enough time to write all that down. The answer booklet that I submitted for marking contains my ‘best’ handwriting ever. No time to even think, and there wasn’t really a need to flip through anything that we printed at all. Just not enough time. I didn’t manage to finish the paper too.

Dear God, dear Prof, now all I ask for, pray for and hope for is that my answer booklet won’t be the joke. Regards. 🙂

COM432: Repeat Again


The grammatical mistake in this entry’s title is intentional and for emphasis. more details in a while. 2nd paper of the semester is done. One more to go. And the next one is in 7 days time. How awesome. Loads of time to study, which means a saturated brain and a jaded BIG_MOUSE.

Okay, back to this paper. Studying for it wasn’t really easy – no proper reading materials, and lecture notes which were disorganized and rather confusing because two lecturers took us for this semester (the original professor fell sick and thus, this issue). However, because the information on their slides were repeated (maybe for reemphasis), there wasn’t really much to digest after consolidating all the information.

This concept of redundancy reappeared in the exam paper. I repeated quite a few points in my answers for several questions. The questions were quite confusing and ambiguous. Good that it allowed for more vague answers, but bad because the answers overlapped each other. I hope I didn’t give out-of-point answers.

Anyway, COM432 was taken by ‘relief’ professors this semester, so this review may not be that accurate next year/semester 🙂

For now, it’s time for a well-deserved break. Studying restarts tomorrow. 🙂 (my first proper blogpost on the iPad. Interesting)

EE8086: Attend lectures OR Listen to the e-lectures

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Since we can't bring back the question paper...

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | Since we can't bring back the question paper...

YAY! First paper of the semester is over. 2 more to go, 2 more tough ones to go. This Astronomy paper, I can foresee, will be quite an easy paper compared to the next 2 papers I have (COM402 and COM432).

Now, about this ee8086 paper, compared to the past-year exams papers he uploaded, this year’s paper was rather tricky (the lecturer already warned us though). Most of the questions came with at least 2 very similar options, out of 5. To me, the past-year papers he uploaded was way easier, less tricky than today’s one. But nonetheless, the paper was done in a hour (psst, I S/Ued it) 🙂

Lecturer is way too funny and comical in his own ways – random jokes. But I (we) can sense his passion for this subject, which helps draw students into his world of space, time and what-nots. Remember to watch ALL his e-lectures, very important.

And finally, this course, personally, helps me understand God and his creation so much better. 🙂

That’s all for now, 2 more papers to go. In the meantime, a good night’s rest. zzz