me no like numbers

4.5 semesters ago, exactly 2 years ago, I scrapped past my 1st semester of my university life. Things were quite new then, and I didn’t know how to get to Can A from WKWSCI without getting lost.

4.5 semesters ago, exactly 2 years and 1 day ago on the 20th of November 2008, I took my last paper for Year 1 Semester 1. My, was I really happy then. No more 8.30am lessons. No more assignments.

4.5 semesters later, 2 years and 1 day later, 21st of November 2010. It is only week 11 of the semester. Assignment deadlines are drawing near, the exams are just around the corner. I want the exams to like end now. YOG was fun but that event DELAYED NTU’S SCHOOL TERM. boohoohoo

4 weeks and 1 day to a 2-week freedom before my 6-month professional internship with Starhub.

So many digits that I am getting confused whilst proof-reading this entry. Numbers are not for me. I left them behind after I collected my A-level certificate. Or at least I hope that I had left them behind for good. I still can mentally count 3.70 times 5, just not as quickly now. I still love Physics.



leaders of tomorrow appear again

Another new addition to the portfolio of the ‘leaders of tomorrow’. In addition to spelling errors, the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ can’t structure sentences properly. The final blow is that the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ are treated like kids, primary school kids.

The management of the school, AND/OR the hall office are not satisfied with the HUGE number of DON’T DO THIS and DON’T DO THAT signs. Don’t speed. No smoking. Keep the door close at all times. The list goes on. Everywhere you go in NTU and its hall of residences, you can be sure of a ‘warning’/information signboard staring right at you.

The more the signs, maybe, the more civilised NTU students are. I don’t know. What I know is that as of yesterday night, new WARNING/INFORMATION signs have been put up in an eye-catching position. Here is the photo evidence.


Awesome man. Best combination. ‘BEST’ sentence structure and grammar combined power with the placement of the sign itself. ‘BESTEST BEST’ way to help NTU students become more civilised. Secondary schools do not even have such demeaning signs placed below the fire alarm activation device. NTU students are treated worse than secondary schools. Why is this so? Are we that bad? Every Frday, the fire alarm will activate, not because of pranksters, but because of the weekly mosquito fogging exercise.

Might as well put signs such as “The wastage of water will not be tolerated. Offenders will be evicted from the Hall” or “Close your windows during a rainstorm. Students who cause floods will be evicted from the Hall” or “blah blah”. We are university students already, do treat us like adults.

And get your letters/warning signs/etc vetted by a peer-review system BEFORE mass printing them. I have more examples of bad spelling, bad grammar and bad sentence structures. Stay tuned.

morning disturbances

Not that much of a happy morning again. It is just so hard to remove the amount of things flying around in my head. Firstly, I woke up and was reminded of the very measly, low, lousy, disappointing score I attained for EE8092 quiz 1. I won’t type the score out, but out of 60, i just scrapped through. To me, I was so confident that I could get just 5 wrong, cause the quiz was so easy, and the topics tested were of my interests. To add to the misery, I learnt those stuff tested before during my freelance job. I still have the hope that either my paper wasn’t marked properly or there was a data-entry mistake. Sian. I have emailed the appropriate lecturers about my concern and yet not reply. I woke up and checked the “view grades” section, and still, no change. Sian sian.

The other thing that disturbed my morning was a commotion at Hall 16. A few cleaning ladies were involved in a loud, verbal exchange of words. From what I can hear from my room, it is about a colleague who allegedly “threw away” another colleague’s bag of personal items. They bickered quite loudly, and caused quite a huge commotion with 3 higher-ups having to come to keep them away from each other. This bickering woke my roomie up. He commented how he need not use the alarm clock today. haha.

Mixed feelings.  Feelings along a continuum. Likert scales. Semantics Differential scales. I feel that I am on the losing end of all these scales.