Mathematical Conversions

In school, we always learn stuff that will hardly be used in real life. For me, calculating tangent, cosine, sine equations and solving differentiation and integration problems, aren’t relevant to me now.

So I have a suggestion for MOE. Instead of just teaching students how to convert from meters to centimeters, liters to milliliters, guide them on how to convert liters per kilometer to kilometer per liter, and vice versa.

This is only mathematical conversation formula I can remember and apply in daily life especially in this turbulent economy. Sadly, this conversation formula wasn’t even touched upon in secondary school.

Random thought 🙂


me no like numbers

4.5 semesters ago, exactly 2 years ago, I scrapped past my 1st semester of my university life. Things were quite new then, and I didn’t know how to get to Can A from WKWSCI without getting lost.

4.5 semesters ago, exactly 2 years and 1 day ago on the 20th of November 2008, I took my last paper for Year 1 Semester 1. My, was I really happy then. No more 8.30am lessons. No more assignments.

4.5 semesters later, 2 years and 1 day later, 21st of November 2010. It is only week 11 of the semester. Assignment deadlines are drawing near, the exams are just around the corner. I want the exams to like end now. YOG was fun but that event DELAYED NTU’S SCHOOL TERM. boohoohoo

4 weeks and 1 day to a 2-week freedom before my 6-month professional internship with Starhub.

So many digits that I am getting confused whilst proof-reading this entry. Numbers are not for me. I left them behind after I collected my A-level certificate. Or at least I hope that I had left them behind for good. I still can mentally count 3.70 times 5, just not as quickly now. I still love Physics.


oh yeah

haha, just one update…my decision to try to get into the commitee of MMC in MJC failed for some reason or the other..haha, now hoping some miracle appear lorx..i dunnoe..for me, i itnhk i can revolutiobize this CCA but the students dun give me a chance..:( haha..jkjk….but just to say truthfully, some teachers in mi CCA very str8 and cant change thier mindset nice Mr Desai and MR wong in mi schoo, but mi technition, Mr Ahzar, is a really nice AV technician..haha, about the same as mr wong….i really miss temask and it AV crew, the liberalized one compared to MJC’s LAWFUL CCA, that cant let mi CCA expand properly and let it developed..nvm, this is life..i cant change it..*sob sob

sry for not updating

haha, oaky..sry 4 nt updaing..was playing games when the hols started,…haha, the hols started, i again still no time..sry for my english..haha, must go back to sch..yeah, but got trianing for macromedia director…can learn more things.okay..updated for now yeah..haha..thanks to the 600 plus visitors..hehe…and happy b-dae shaun 2ml…….