More dreams

I dreamt that I scratched my Crizal lenses irreparable.

I also dreamt that my employer will, in the future, pay me up to a cap of $3,000.

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iMac? No iMac

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Pseudo iMac

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Pseudo iMac

No, this iMac is not mine. 🙂 Just an empty box, a shell with nothing inside. How nice is there was a real, working iMac inside waiting for me. Who wouldn’t want it, tell me. 🙂

However, there have been conflicting arguments about how a photograph isn’t a credible source of information. I can tell you that there is no iMac inside the box. I also can say that the iMac is indeed inside the box. Who knows? 🙂

A dream will remain as an abstract concept, if no attempt is made to even work towards that goal (of getting a 27″ iMac).

I shall start taking small steps towards that. Starting … now!

Shopping dreams

No, serious, I dreamt I went shopping at Tampines Mall, Century Square and Tampines 1. It was so real. I dreamt that I was rushing about those 3 malls, trying to find the best deals for shoes, wallet and toys. 🙂 Rushing about with bags of purchased clothes, I dreamt I found a small shop by the corner selling sports shoes at dirt cheap prices. After that, I dreamt that my sister came to help me find stuff. We went round window shopping…

That’s when I woke up. I definitely knew that my brain would have subconsciously informed my mouth to smile throughout the dream. When I woke up, I looked at my alarm clock, then turned to see a bunch of study notes on my desk. That grin reduced in intensity.

Having exams is bad enough. Dreaming of shopping doesn’t make things any better. 🙂

vivid dreams

I. must. wake. up. and. type. this. post. now.

Dragged myself out of bed at this unearthly hour on a day with no lessons, in the hope that I won’t forgot the dreams I had.

Dream no.1:

  • I just reach my house carpark after doing something somewhere. As I was parking the car, I noticed someone, somebody I can recognise, doing something illegal. As I got out of my car to get home quickly, he and a few others involved in similar activities left the carpark at the same time.

Dream no.2 (no, it’s been a long time since i played l4d):

  • This graphic dream appeared to have taken place in slow motion
  • This time round, I am walking along an expressway. An accident just took place involving X cars. The entire expressway is cordoned off to traffic. I can hear screams, wailing. The overall deathly vibes radiated through my body.
  • I continued walking past the cordon, past the main accident site, past the mangled wreckage, into the triage area. I see firemen/paramedics asking badly injured people, one by one, to go into headstand positions and then to spin themselves 360 degrees.
  • A few didn’t respond to the firemen/paramedics’ calls to do that. One tried, but he couldn’t complete the full 360 and fell back onto the ground. He started screaming in pain. That blood curdling scream, I can still remember vividly. Spoiling the whole mood, someone behind me then joked about how they all look like zombies. I ignored that person.
  • Paramedics then left with those who could complete the 360-degree headstand

Dreams can get really weird. hmm. Now, what do they mean, or what are those dreams trying to tell me? Weird.


About dreams

I have just found out something about dreams. Let me first try to recall my dream first.

I was chasing a larger-than-life candlestick around some large cavern. That candlestick was taunting me and forcing me to do something that I just don’t want to do. Throughout this mindless, aimless conflict, the candlestick said repeatedly, like 4 times, “Hello, friend.”

And then I woke up to sms-es sent my by mum who just happened to wake up real early and started web-smsing me. And my freaky sms tone currently is “Hello, friend.”

How interesting. Sounds that my ears heard were ‘converted’ into sounds that played back in my dream scene. Maybe that’s why people can sleep through noise – your brain converts noise from the surroundings and plays it back in your dream.


2 more dreams

2 more dreams last night. I don’t know how they are connected, but here goes.


was sitting down eating lunch with someone (my mum?), when someone started puking all over the place. He puked for a really, really long time. really long time. I turned away, brought my food along with me to another table. He was still puking.

Okay, that’s all for ONE, now for TWO


Was walking down a slope with bicycles parked along the pavement. Was trying to find my own bike to retrieve the back safety light. After retrieving it, I proceeded to the doctor’s to retrieve a bag of stuff that my mum left behind.

and then I woke up. I am glad that I can remember last night’s dreams. It feels sucky not to be able to recall anything after waking up. and I still can’t recall the dreams from the last 3 nights.

i have another dream

I had this dream about a month ago. I just recalled the dream, so yeap, here it is. I will try to describe using words (which is very hard, as the vivid pictures are in my mind now).

I dreamt that my family and I survived some of the plagues in the very place we call home now. I vividly recall that we survived the floods (cause we live on the 25th storey). We survived the tornadoes (although this is not recorded as a plague in the bible :). The final plague that we survived was the heat + flying, flaming meteors. After that, I looked out my main door, the lift + lobbies were all gone. What was left was my neighbours’ homes + a super wreaked escape staircase .

I woke up after this. 🙂 I dunnoe why I received this funny dream. Any Josephs anywhere? hehe