Best Joke for Christmas

The best joke today at youth christmas service –

Question: What did Adam say to Eve on the day before Christmas?

Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve.

This really deserves a post. Best, timeless yo.


Job swap (sound engineers & singers)

I recently did a little swap.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Midas Verona @ BBTC

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Midas Verona @ BBTC

Instead of fulfilling my role as a sound ‘engineer’ behind the awe-inspiring 48-channel mixing board, I had the privilege of being a ‘performer’ on stage. Instead of being the (food) mixer and blender, I was the one being mixed. Instead of being in control, I became the controlled.

Just before this swap, I understood why musicians (guitarists, bassists, drummer, keyboardists, etc) need to hear themselves at a reasonably loud volume to feel the ‘feel’. But of all things, I totally neglected the people with the microphones to their mouths. Through this learning experience, I now understand the requirements of singers or performers who are very dependent on floor monitors up on stage.

The way singers hear themselves when they sing is pretty unique.

  • Similar to how musicians hear their instruments, singers get feedback about their singing through the audio information interpreted by sound waves entering the ear canal.
  • However, singers can hear themselves in another, usually overlooked way – through vibrations propagating through the bones/flesh (similar to how you hear yourself quite loudly when you have blocked ears or the flu).

When the stage sound is ultra loud and overpowering, a singer cannot hear him/herself through his/her ears. The more important feature of hearing through those vibrations in his/her face is also lost which makes it harder to keep in tune.

It is one thing to do up the monitors in such a way that we, the sound engineers, can hear the singer’s voice. It’s another thing to make sure that the monitors are clear enough for the singers, so as to replace those 2 functions.

Point to take away: Audio engineers need to learn how to ‘sing’ (and play instruments as well) too. Then we will know how best to adjust singers’ (and musicians’) monitors. 🙂 Haha, bao kah liaoz.

Sales: Alby Warehouse Discounts

Alby’s warehouse discounts start tomorrow, and ends this Sunday. Poster explains it all. I bought two PlanetShakers CD/DVDs, and then they start to mail me such stuff. Not bad a sale, but at the wrong time. My school work is piling up really quickly as the semester comes to an end. Organise another sale, please.

They have to do some rebranding too man. I thought they only marketed christian praise&worship CDs/DVDs. 🙂

If you would wish to subscribe to their periodic updates, simply email to with subject heading “New Email Subscriber”.

iLoveSingapore Walk 2010

It has been a few years since the last walkathon around the CBD area. The last time I remembered going for this when I was in secondary school.

No doubt, we had to wake up at an earthly hour, much earlier than the 6.15am I normally wake up to be able to reach 9am lectures on time. Upon reaching there, the positive atmosphere totally cleared away the blues. All in the name of charity too.

They should plan a EVENING/NIGHT walk the next time. HAHA! People cannot wake up so early man. This picture below is taken 45 minutes before the flag-off. It only got real packed a few minutes before the GOH started the walkathon.

God bless Singapore!

BBTC Youth Church 10th Anniversary – 10th Memories

A compilation of “Happy Birthdays” and recollections. Have fun watching this video another 10 years from now.

Thanks to all who readily agreed to be filmed (and also to those who were ‘ambushed’.) Thanks to all who helped out in the production (Leslie, Esther, Wesley). Gabriel Chin, Joshua Poh, thanks for the camera too

Happy Birthday YC. You are 10. Greater things have yet to be done.

Another video project for BBTC YC. We are so going to laugh over this video in like another 10 years time. 🙂

YC’s 10th Birthday + SnL

Firstly, a big big, enormously humungous-ly big thank you to all of you. 🙂 What else can I say. I shall try to be concise. 🙂

It’s been 7 long years since I moved from my ex-church to BBTC. Been in my ex-church for like 16 years, thus when I reached BBTC, I was quite reserved and stuff. Till I joined the sound / worship team and found myself slowly opening up. Every single one of you helped do that.

Each of you is just so precious to me lah. I know, I don’t really express it out well enough, but I still try to (and emailing you all is one of the ways. 🙂 This sounds weird and stuff, but each of you brings something new, something unique, that very special characteristic to the SnL table. We have quiet members. We have talkative ones. We have pros. We have responsible members. We have playful peeps, gigglers, lovers of soft toys, pple who are shy until cannot shy anymore, etc etc etc. It is because of these varying differences that tie this team together as one.

Am so glad to see everyone growing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Again, one big fat shoutout to all of you. “THANK YOU!!!!!” This award would be meaningless without anyone of you. I won’t know how long more I will be serving alongside all of you. But til God calls me away, I shall continue to do my best.

God bless.

God, thanks for this particular talent, and thanks for giving me this chance to give back to You through this ministry. I won’t know how to live life fully without this in my life.