Try a mattress before buying?

It’s possible! There are some other brands out there, but Noa caught my eye. They are pushing quite aggressively on Facebook and that was how I found them. Btw, this is not a paid-for post.


What caught my eye was the 100-day (or night, in Noa’s words) risk-free trial. Like it? Keep it. Dislike it for any reason? Return it for a full refund. No return/delivery fees too. And according to Noa, returned mattresses are either sent to charity or recycling organisations. Sounds utopian. I like.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.14.19 PM.png

Is Noa’s promise too good to be true? I ever tested a bed at an expo for close to an hour (with permission from the dealer of course). But, that is nothing compared to having the ability to lie down on something you are interested in for 100 days and nights before making a call.

About the bed

  • Positives
    • It came vacuum packed. Quite a sight when I first saw it, but boy was it heavy. And DIY assembling is my kind of thing.
    • Didn’t smell weird.
    • According to Noa, their hybrid mattresses are made up of latex, foam and coiled spring layers.
  • Negatives (for me)
    • It was too soft for me.
    • It has to be used in an air-conditioned room if you do not want to perspire in your sleep.

I sadly had to let my Noa go.

My purchase and refund timeline

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.21.49 PM.png

  • 11 October – Submitted my order online
    • Ordering is painless.
    • Note that Noa processes payment overseas, so you may incur cross-border/ international transaction fee of ~1%.
  • 16 October – Delivery arrived
    • No biggie here too. Pretty much fuss-free
  • 11 November – Dropped them an email to start return process
    • You can only trigger returns via email.
  • 21 November – Received the refund through my credit card account
    • Quite fast liao, cause I was expecting it to take two weeks.

Noa’s website has a review section and it is filled with all-out praise for the brand. Outside of the website, I couldn’t find much information. So, I decided to leave that out of the purchase evaluation (and do up a review on my own page).

There’s no better to give this a go. Noa’s Black Friday promotional rate = $150 off. This is $50 more than Noa’s usual $100 off promotion. So, $549 for a single bed to $1049 for a king-sized option.


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