To-dos in Shimukappu (Tomamu Resort)


The Tomamu resort is a fine place. Plenty of places to explore within the compound. The first to-do is to snuggle in bed with your pillows and bolsters as company. At such low temperatures, why not?

If not, check out the Mina-mina man-made beach. A free shuttle service will get you there. Not far away.


It feels just like the real thing, just without sand and sea breeze. The air’s toasty and the water’s cool. It becomes a wave pool every 30 minutes. Come in your beach wear. More adventurous, go butt naked and enjoy the warm still water at the onsen in the same building.

Another highlight of Tomamu resort is the Unkai Terrace aka Sea of Clouds. High up in the mountains, you can literally see waves of clouds rolling by the observation deck. Beautiful stuff. But, you gotta be up very, very early. Opening hours: 5am to 7am.


A gondola ride will get you up there. Bring your winter wear. It will be cold up there.




Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Leaving the resort behind us


Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Broke through the gloomy clouds’ few minutes away from the peak

But like all of nature, its occurrence is not a given. Strong winds will render the gondola system unusable; too rainy and the rolling clouds won’t appear. Always check the TVs for its status before leaving the room. The hotel has a TV channel just for this use.



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