To-dos in Toyako


The Shikotsu-Toya National Park will likely be your first stop, as the hotels are all around the area. Apart from catching the fireworks display at night, daytime activities are aplenty.


At the back of your hotel, you will be able to do your lakeside runs, get yourself on a paddle boat or go for a quick spin around the lake on a motorised craft. Or just have a seat and take in the views.


A fan of sculptures? Many, many peppered around the lake. It’s like an outdoor art museum.

Venturing further out by car, you will be able to visit another kind of museum. One that preserves exhibits from past volcanic activities in this area.


It was an eye-opening experience, seeing for the first time the power of eruptions and the destruction they can cause.


The museum extends outside the visitor centre. A short trek away are buildings kept as they are after the last eruption in 2000.


An hour drive away from Lake Toya lies Noboribetsu Onsen.


Note: The area carries a strong sulphur odour. Very strong. But the view’s fantastic here. Living, breathing mountain.



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