To-dos in Hakodate


In Hakodate, you will find an airport. Sadly, airport exploration wasn’t in the itinerary. We flew in, collected our luggage and zoom, we boarded the OTS car rental company shuttle to collect the Toyota Boxy, oops I mean, Voxy.

And off we went to Hakodate. Please note, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Far from it. Japan has loads to offer. I’m only choosing the ones that left an impression on me.


Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse


Aside from the pretty sights (red brick buildings, bay view), the main attraction here would be the warehouse shop, selling anything from seafood to snacks like the Potato Farm fries. This area is just 700 metres away from the Hakodate Kokusai Hotel. Stock up here if you wish as the prices are pretty much the same everywhere.  Spend above 5,000 Yen to free yourself from taxes – 8% savings.

Mount Hakodate Ropeway


Walk further down – about 10-15 minutes away – and you will reach the foot of Mount Hakodate. Fork out 1,280 Yen per pax for a 3-minute ride up. The gondola comes every 5 minutes.


What a view. Good place for family photos. The sole restaurant here is pricey though. During peak hours, you may need to wait quite a while to get a ride down. We waited close to an hour – in the cold no less.

Hakodate Railway Station


I like trains. You will get to see pretty flowers and some sculptures. Inside the station, you will find a 7-Eleven.


Matsumae Castle / Matsumae Park


This place is quite mesmerising. A huge park with loads of flowering cherry blossoms.


You will get to see a Ninja village/ showcase too. Shall not spoil it for you, so here’s a wide shot. haha

IMG20170510135016.jpgWorth your time. And after your tiring walk around the park, exit the park and walk down one street. You will find a mighty harvest of food places.


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