Bringing back the convenience

The convenience stores caught my eyes. Specifically, the signboards. The old-school 7-Eleven design brought me back to my childhood era.


PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | 7-Eleven. It’s everywhere.

This ‘feels’ isn’t just limited to Japan’s convenience stalls. Traffic lights look ancient, but equipped with useful technology. Instead of pushing a physical button, you just need to lightly tap on a metal plate to signal to the lights you want to cross.

Same thing with their convenience stores. Drabby looking outside, full of goodies inside. You will be able to find fried/grilled chicken thighs, steaming hot buns with crab/pumpkin/red bean filling, all kinds of salad, boiled eggs, instant ramen and your usual dried snacks. Think of such stores as mini but generously stocked pasar malams. You can fill your tummies in there. And the prices ain’t exorbitant – definitely cheaper than restaurants.


PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | In-store dining for the win!

The other competitor to 7-Eleven is FamilyMart. I like this place cause it provides chairs for in-store dining. Power packed. Give it a try when you are there. Like 7-Eleven, it is everywhere, at least in major towns.

Finally, aside from food, these stores allow you to deposit your recyclables like paper, plastic items. How awesome is that. It’s darn hard to find any kinds of bins in Japan. These stores are your best bet.


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