Enjoying some rest in the restroom



PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | Japanese and their obsession with cute-sy stuff. No complaints.

Restrooms in Japan are awesome. Awesome, I tell you. You could sit on the throne and let the hours tick by. Okay, there isn’t any reason to do that, but you can if you want to. I was and am still that impressed.

There is one key difference between toilets in Singapore and restrooms in Japan – bidets integrated into toilet bowl seats. Everywhere. Every single toilet bowl has it. From hotels to those in public parks.


PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | A unit in a Toyoko Inn hotel.

I had never dared to give it a go. Till Japan. How can I not trust Japanese tech right? It was a new experience. Never felt cleaner. Felt green too as I most definitely used less paper to wipe le butt.

Having traversed quite a bit of Hokkaido, I was exposed to a variety of bidets. The budget models came with just “on/off”, “temperature” and “position” plasticky buttons. The semi-professional models provided ‘wand’ sanitisation (see image below) with metallic finished buttons.


PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | All for the health of my butt

Not high-tech enough? I used a super advanced one in a restaurant. There was a button for everything. A button to raise the seat cover, another button to raise the toilet seat, and three buttons for different flush intensities. These on top of the usual buttons for working the bidet. Slapping myself for not snapping a photo of the contraption.

If you haven’t used a toilet seat bidet before, try it in Japan.

If you are not new to this, still a must-try just because it doesn’t look anything like Singapore’s.


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