Taking the Dreamliner Boeing 787


PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | Touchdown

Never liked taking plane rides. Life can continue without needing to fly. The Dreamliner experience chipped a little piece off this stronghold. Nothing else compares.

Firstly, All Nippon Airways’ service was on point. Smiles all around. Took effort to confirm our meal orders before we took to the skies. About meals, we pre-ordered the low sodium option. I must say that the meals weren’t the highlight. Tasted bland, but I could blame no one but myself. The only saving grace was that our special orders were served first before the rest of the passengers got theirs.

Secondly, thumbs up to the in-flight entertainment system. Not so much the movies, as the ‘new’ section wasn’t really new. Didn’t matter, as it was an overnight flight. USB port included. I spent more time fiddling with the Skyview feature. Reminded me of my Flight Simulator days. The most elaborate looking thingy I’ve seen so far. Through this, I realised that the Dreamliner travels fast, faster than my past flights. The take-off rolls on the Dreamliner were exhilarating too. haha

Thirdly, the Dreamliner is oh-so-quiet. Relatively speaking of course. Measuring (unscientifically) using an iPhone app, the Dreamliner hurts your ears less as it flies 4dB quieter than a 777. Didn’t need no headphones to tune out the drone of the engines. A noticeable difference for more discerning travellers. The 747 I sat on a few years back was way noisier.


Lastly, here’s something to note when you do ANA flights with stopovers. You would need to collect a bus ticket from the airport check-in counter. This ticket allows you to take a bus to transfer between terminals at Haneda, for instance, from domestic terminal 1/2 to the international terminal. Importantly, please take ONE bus ticket PER PERSON. The counter gave us one ticket and wrote “five pax”. We were nearly refused access to the transfer bus because of this.IMG_8211.jpg

Only thing? ANA didn’t offer warm face wipes. Small issue, but just had to compare since Singapore Airlines’ standard is the one to beat. But nvm, it feels good to be back in Singapore.


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