Family Trip to Hokkaido, Japan – Itinerary

IMAGE | BIG_MOUSE | Footprints in Hokkaido

IMAGE | BIG_MOUSE | Footprints in Hokkaido

A 15-day getaway to Hokkaido, Japan happened earlier this month. What better way to cement memories than to pen the experiences here, and for sharing with you too. For the second time running, the man of the house put on his travel agent cap and with love planned this family holiday, covering everything from transport to lodging and food.

Learning from our New Zealand trip, we moved away from one-night stays – too rushed. Instead, we stayed at each location for at least two nights. But, in some cities, there still wasn’t enough time to cover everything we wanted to cover. The recent Hokkaido trip was definitely more action-packed – more to-dos.

This initial post will provide our self-drive itinerary in brief. Details about the hotels and places of interest (plus photos and some protips) will be added on over the coming weeks. Watch for new hyperlinks below.

Trip Overview

Protip #1: Taking the wheel in Hokkaido
Protip #2: Enjoying some rest in the restroom
Protip #3: Avoiding bill shock at restaurants
Protip #4: Chilling and dropping off at convenience stores
Protip #5: Taking the Dreamliner Boeing 787


PHOTO | BIG_MOUSE | Bringing you on a journey to Hokkaido

That’s all for now; more to come!


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