Secretlab Omega chairs – Not for non-airconditioned rooms

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Boxed with loads of foam sheets, bubble wrap

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Boxed with loads of foam sheets, bubble wrap

First post of 2017, and a non-sponsored one hor.

The name Secretlab popped up on my Facebook feed about a year ago. A friend got Secretlab’s flagship model but I didn’t think much about it at that time. $ was the main obstacle. Starting at $500+, it was priced at an uncomfortable level. Very uncomfortable, as the past two chairs of mine cost my wallet <$200 each.


Photo | BIG_MOUSE | From left to right: Novena’s mid-range chair ($199), Secretlab’s Omega ($499) & IKEA’s basic chair ($ – Can’t remember)

My IKEA chair took a beating after just about a year. To be fair, it is the oldest chair in this line-up. My opinion: don’t buy chairs with PVC lining – won’t last.

On the left, a mid-range model from Novena that comes lined with PU, just like Secretlab’s Omega. This chair has been with me for close to three years. The lining’s fine to my surprise, but butt support has degraded somewhat. Bought this no-frills chair from the Novena outlet at the now defunct Funan Digitalife Mall.

In the middle is the Secretlab Omega. Launched in 2015, the Omega comes with pretty-firm foam innards (I like – my bed is super hard too). After a month of use, the PU leather hasn’t creased a bit nor has the foam sagged or even showed signs of compression fatigue. The adjustable hand rests and consistent hydraulic performance (at the lowest setting always) are a good to have, but don’t really concern me. What I like about the Omega are the nice car-seat feeling it offers (+ the ability to recline really far back just like a car seat) and the firm ‘ride’. The tall backrest allows me to keep my neck straight too.

One major letdown is heat. The chair can get quite hot. It doesn’t dissipate heat as well as mesh chairs – like duh right. If you use it in an airconditioned room, not a problem.

The usual price is $629 but Secretlab it seems likes to offer promotional rates. I got mine at $499 with free delivery ($19 usually), after saving up for a few months. Ordering was free of fuss. Would suggest you wait for special occasions like festivals, etc, to get better deals.

Now to see how long the Omega and specifically the PU leather skin will last. Hopefully at least 3 years.


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