My Mi Air Purifier: 6 months in

Bought in March 2016 at $279 (this NTUC Fairprice promo is still on), the Mi Air Purifier from Xiaomi has gone through six months of light torture.

There wasn’t much haze to test it on (which isn’t a bad thing), but I’m surprised the filter turned this grey. So, I suppose the machine is doing what it is supposed to do, while yet being super quiet.

Filter cartridge on top is new, bottom one is six months of age. The filter costs $49.90 which is priced reasonably considering higher priced variants of other brands.

In fact, buy the Mi Air Purifier at the new Mi Shop at Suntec City to get one filter free-of-charge.
Recommended filter change interval = Three to six months.

And apart from a filter change, the machine needed some TLC. The fan blades and air intakes needed a wipe down. Have a vacuum cleaner nearby for faster maintenance. 

Not a sponsored post.


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