Shopback’s got my back

On 15 August, I successfully transferred the first batch of hard-earned cash rebates to my bank account. I have about $10 more in my Shopback account to cash out. I signed up for a Shopback account in March.

So for online shopperholics, here’s how you can earn cash rebates on top of the discounts offered by online shopping sites.

Tip #1: Sign up for a Shopback account only when there is a promotion. In this way, you will get bonus cashback to kickstart your digital Shopback wallet. In April, I signed up using a UOB promo code and got $13 added into my Shopback wallet. Not a bad starting point. But don’t be happy just yet. See next tip.

Tip #2: You can cash out the cash rebates earned through Shopback only after you actually earn $10. In my case, I had to have $23 in my account before I could transfer the cash rebates earned to my bank account.

Tip #3: Thereafter, you can cash out the rebates every time you have at least $10 in your Shopback wallet. You gotta wait 7-14 days for the transfer to go through.

Tip #4: You can only earn cashback when you click through Shopback’s website or the recently launched Shopback app. This means you have to visit Shopback’s page, then click on the merchant you wanna shop at, then shop away.

Tip #5: After clicking on the merchant icon, please read the instructions very closely. If you were to miss just one step, no cash rebates for you. These steps, to me, can be quite troublesome. The new app has helped a bit. But what’s a little pain for some extra $.

The $44 or so rebates I have earned, are from Lazada, Groupon, Foodpanda and Uber. Yes, you can get $0.30  $0.20 currently in Shopback cash rebates for every Uber ride. This is on top of whatever discounts/ promo codes Uber offers.

Have fun exploring!

If you want to see Shopback’s how-it-works page, visit

Also note that Shopback now has a coupons page, to help suss out coupon codes and deals. No harm checking it to for more savings eh?

Note: Have been invited by Shopback to review their cashback services.



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