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Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The 2010 Macbook Pro as compared to its larger cousin

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The 2010 MacBook Pro as compared to its larger cousin

My first Apple machine was a 2008 MacBook Pro. In fact, it was my first portable computing equipment. Costing over $3,000 then, it was meant to support me through university. Problems plagued the unit, and after about two years and multiple phone conversations, Apple replaced the entire machine, for free. Thanks to AppleCare, I got a Unibody MacBook Pro as replacement. Save for battery issues, and most recently, hard disk capacity issues, this 2010 MacBook Pro has been with me for five years, and counting.

Now out of school, portability isn’t a main requirement. I needed something that could give me computing power, and yet not clog up my desk.

Apple’s latest update to the iMac family was good motivation. Who can resist the new trackpad, updated high resolution screens, and upgraded internal specs? Having saved up for quite a while, I decided to jump in to make this purchase right after Apple updated its product line-up last week.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Well padded carrier

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Well padded carrier

It took Apple (and DHL) about a week to get this to me. Slow, but to be fair to them, I was warned that shipping would take two to four working days. The perils of customisation – switched to a full Solid State Drive (SSD) setup (after reading about the headaches caused by Fusion drives), and replaced the unergonomic mouse with a trackpad. The RAM upgrade is too expensive, Apple.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Keyboard plus Magic Trackpad 2

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Keyboard plus Magic Trackpad 2

After taking much time to restore files from my MacBook Pro and sorting out the many please-enter-your-licence-key prompts, I got down to testing key applications and services like Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Photos, Steam games, Ookla speed tests and some HD videos.

Speedy, is an understatement. Moving up from an aged 5400RPM hard disk drive to an SSD is like strapping a snail with tonnes of Turbo rockets. Applications open instantaneously, no insufficient memory errors while scrubbing through HD video/ audio files, setting graphic requirements to high or very high is no longer a dream, and with the upgraded wireless AC chip, I can now cross 500Mbps on my 1Gbps broadband connection. 200Mbps was all I could hit on my five-year-old MacBook Pro. Note that the theoretical transmission speed of my iMac (option-click the wireless icon on your Macs to find out) is 585Mbps as there is no clear line of sight between the iMac and the router.

Now to see if this iMac can last another five, or even ten, years.


  • The AppleCare warranty coverage starts from your purchase date, online or at the brick-and-mortar store. If you ship directly from Apple’s online store, warranty coverage will commence even before you receive the unit. A call to Apple to appeal may help.
  • Time Machine backups cannot be easily restored on a different model, i.e. you cannot restore backups made on your MacBook Pro to the iMac. Migration Assistant should be your go-to application for this – time consuming and complicated, but better then starting from scratch.

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