Forte K3 – The Rear

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | In the day

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | In the day

Nothing much to look at here, save for the unique looking ‘LED combination’ rear lamps, bi-coloured bumper, nicer-than-altis rear reflectors and proper exhaust tip.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | In a carpark

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | In a carpark

At night (or when the headlamp’s on), the rear transforms into a looker. The LEDs, as above, light the fixture evenly, just like the old-school lamps on a 1980s Daihatsu. When the brake pedal is depressed, five individual LEDs on each side in the blank space within the somewhat-triangles will light up. Two more LEDs are reserved for the activation of the rear fog lamp switch.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Rear-on

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Rear-on

The signal and licence plate lamps are the only filament powered ones you can find here. Changing the licence plate bulbs to LED is doable (tried and tested), but pretty mafan (troublesome in Singlish) – 1) remove the insulation panel under the boot lid; 2) unplug the power cables to the bulbs; 3) pop out the lamp holders from the outside (where the licence plate is); 4) carefully unclip the translucent cover of the lamp holders; 5) tada.


What’s next in this series?


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