Forte K3 – The Nose

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | I love cones

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | I love cones

Love or hate, I will leave the decision to you. I’m on the fence and here’s why.


  • The pair of daytime running lights (DRL), running down in a straight line, reminds of me of an emoticon. It’s quite a sight when a K3 comes up behind you on the road – Grrrr. Anyhow, DRL is an important feature in my list of things that today’s cars should have.
  • The radiator grill honeycomb design is a looker. Reminds me of bees and honey. Yum.
  • Height adjustable projector (eyeball-like) headlights – wide coverage and excellent beam patterns
  • Fog lights (halogen) come as standard
  • The wiper washer nozzle, unlike the Avante, is now placed away from the painted surface. Wiper washer additives and paint aren’t friends.
  • The windscreen doesn’t have exposed rubber seals. From what I can tell, the watertight rubber seals are hidden just behind the glass. Less chance for sun damage. Good design improvement over the Avante.
  • Gaps between panels are not an eyesore – consistent and small.
Photo | BIG_MOUSE | DRL baby

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | DRL baby


  • Some of the contents in the headlamp assembly. Signal lights aren’t in LED. To get HID headlamps, you need to buy the SX Sport variant – priced $4,000 above the SX Premium.
  • Because the headlamp assembly rides high up the bonnet, based on what I went through previously, the plastic transparent cover will turn opaque/ yellowish in about five years.
  • Rubber strips in Singapore’s hot and humid weather – not a good combination. Like many other current models available today, there is a small rubber strip separating the bonnet from the grill/front bumper. I can foresee the rubber failing in a few years time.
  • The complex bumper design, which is nice, makes for harder cleaning. 🙂
  • The KIA badge looks a little out of place.


What’s next in this series?


5 thoughts on “Forte K3 – The Nose

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