My first MRI – I expected worse

2015, I wanted to restart running, mainly to break through my weight loss plateau. Things were chugging along fine and I managed to complete a 2.4km run without stopping. A first in a long, long while.

About a month back, while stretching, I saw a lump at my right knee (see above picture). As there was no pain, I wasn’t too concerned and just took a mental note to monitor it.

A month later, the lump did not go away. Heeding advice to get it checked, I ended up in an Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room in a hospital.

The thought of voluntarily subjecting myself to torture (stuck in a cramped environment) – dread.

Long story short, it was not too bad. The doctors were professional and showed care and concern, explaining the steps along the way. No contrast agent was needed – phew, cause I would rather avoid any injection. They provided me with a pair of headphones to partially mask the MRI machine din – 30 minutes of machine gun fire, techno/ trance beats, and transformer-like sounds. I found myself making music. 🙂 

An even better news? The lump is a benign fluid cyst, which was partially drained the same day (extra $$$ required). On medication now. All excess fluid be gone!


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