My first purchase on LAZADA – Risks vs rewards

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Push Up Bars from LAZADA

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Push Up Bars from LAZADA

How can a techie not try out e/m-shopping.

Few months ago, after seeing a series of news articles on LAZADA, this #uncle could not resist checking out the eye-catching promotions. What caught his attention was the 10% MasterCard discount for shoppers on Mondays (and not so much on how this item will help alleviate wrist pain.)

However, he had a few misses with several e-commerce sites, including Qoo10 (happened quite a while back; giving them a try again. Details to come), and he did not know whether to trust LAZADA.

Anyhow, the 10% discount (+ free shipping) was too tempting, and he clicked BUY.

Long story short: his experience with LAZADA has been alright so far – ships pretty quickly, no duds, prices for the items I checked are competitive. The only thing lacking? Feedback. Buyers on LAZADA are not compelled nor encouraged to leave their comments. There is no crowdsourced feedback to refer to before making a purchase. Shoppers have no way of telling if the seller or item is genuine.

Risks versus rewards.

Lastly, if you wanna purchase the abovementioned item, click here –


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