Buying a fridge can be tough, till today

The subject sounds so optimistic. Too much. But anyhow, I’m writing this to help fridge seekers, as it is a desert out there when it comes to getting opinions on large home appliances.

The Hitachi R-VG690P3MS (I didn’t know Hitachi makes fridges actually) two-door fridge caught my eye with its dark tempered glass finish and large storage capacity, 544L all in all. It caught my eye as I walked through the electrical shop. An outstanding design that far outshines the fake stainless steel vernier variants. Just in time to keep packet drinks cold for Chinese New Year!

Our 15-year-old Fisher & Paykel served us really well, but the stubborn mould has overtaken its rubber seals. No pictures as I don’t want to spoil your appetite. Haha.


It was also one of the very few models that comes with three ticks for energy efficiency.

As the World Wide Web has no behind-the-door pictures of the Hitachi, here’s some for your viewing pleasure.



What I don’t really like about this fridge: The internal LED lights are quite dim and won’t light up the fridge as evenly. I think a number of LG models will do better in this.

Some other considerations you have to take note of:
1) The fridge is huge, like really big. It can’t fit into the usual designated pocket in the kitchen.
2) Measure the doorways, gates, etc to ensure the fridge can even get into your house. This Hitachi spent about 10 mins outside my place while we figured how to squeeze it in. 🙂

Noise levels: Reasonable.
When the dual fans are working to cool the fridge, there is a slight hum. Of course, there will be no noise when the fans aren’t working. When standing like really right beside the fridge, noise levels are at about 40dB. Ambient noise = ~ 32dB. Just for good measure, I measured the din my belt-less washing machine makes – ~ 43dB.


And no, I didn’t get the fridge free. 🙂 This is not an advertorial.


6 thoughts on “Buying a fridge can be tough, till today

  1. Hwz the fridge? I ordered this during the gain city BTO sales. Not sure whether wanna change to Samsung anot….
    I saw reviews on this model ttz compressor is rather noisy….

    Watz u suggest?

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