Lego-like but miniaturised


Let’s set the tone right. I’m a Lego fan. Lego Technics to be exact; tonnes of pieces, manly motors and gears, and just looks better than the normal Lego sets.

And then I came across Nanoblocks a while ago. While not made by Lego, think of Nanoblocks as miniaturised Lego with extremely small parts. All the parts needed to built the ‘Grand’ Piano can’t even compare to the size of a typical serving of rice. Even the fully assembled set is just only so much bigger than a microSD card – exaggeration but you get my point.

Costing ~$13.90 (fixed price it seems), I found Nanoblocks too expensive for its size. That is till I came across the Sentosa Cable Car Gift Shop. As I had Faber License (some membership), I got a20% discount off the usual price.

I bought it. In fact, I bought two – piano plus guitar. Woohoo.

Now to find time for the other.


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