Eight years and counting

Amid the glitter, there was a car. And the car didn’t have a personalised name. It just goes by ‘Hyundai Avante’, the name given by the manufacturer.

The Avante was bought at a price, which includes the compulsory Certificate of Entitlement (COE), just over eight years ago. The COE then was just one-seventh the cost today.

Instead of showing how well taken care the car is (no doubt it is), I’m gonna do something different.

The pictures below show the torture the car went through, at least externally. See the dings, dongs, doremons, scratches and interesting looking marks tattoos left behind by an act of a serial vandal, inconsiderate people who can’t open doors properly and who must push trolleys in between cars.






Internally though, everything seems well. I’m no car mechanic, but it looks like it can serve us well for another two years till November 2017, when the COE expires. In Singapore, without a COE (among other requirements), the car isn’t roadworthy.


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