The Martian Notifier – It does what it’s supposed to do – Notify


Checking your phone every few minutes to see if you’ve missed an important call, SMS, email or a Clash of Clans notification? 🙂

Ever wanted to stop the above habit in a bid to conserve your phone battery?

Only want to pick up your phone when an important notification comes?

More importantly: want to ignore untimely notifications, during work or play, for example?

The Martian Notifier smartwatch is for you, if you said yes to the above.

Here is why I am enjoying my purchase:

1) It is basically an analogue watch with a digital notification ticker. I like how the analogue face relies on a traditional coin-shaped battery that supposedly lasts for two years. The digital OLED readout is powered by a separate rechargeable battery. The coin battery is replaceable. I don’t think the rechargeable one is.

2) It doesn’t look like the usual smartwatches in the market. I don’t fancy the square, bland designs available today. The analogue face works better for me as it’s ‘always on’. I don’t need to tap the watch face or shake the watch to wake it up.

3) The rubber strap is easily replaceable by any watch repair shop – it’s of standard size.

4) I don’t need to answer calls via my watch. Picking up the phone works better – the call quality is way better. I don’t fancy typing on the small smartwatch screen. Again, I rather pick up my phone.

5) The Martian Notifier notifies discretely. It doesn’t sound a 100db siren. It just vibrates when a notification comes in, and scrolls through the notification text. What’s cool is that I can set customized vibration patterns for each individual app. I can choose to ignore certain app notifications or immediately reach for my phone based on how the watch vibrates. See below image.


Key letdowns for me:

1) The scrolling speed is too slow for me, even at the fastest option.

2) The rechargeable battery that powers the OLED ticker lasts about three days or less for me. It’s rated for three to five days.

3) The OLED screen doesn’t perform well in direct sunlight. But this is an OLED limitation.

4) The USB charging cable has a longer-than-usual USB head. This means u can only use their cable to recharge the watch.

This is not an advertorial. So, I do not have a discount code for you. If you believe what I’ve said and want to get one for yourself, visit the authorised dealer Axtro Sports’ website.


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