The day the Pasar Malam concept becomes a part of history


This day will come to past when the food served isn’t great anymore. And I think this day is coming faster than expected.

As a child, my eyes lit up everytime the tents went up. It’s Pasar Malam time. The first thing I would go for is to get a stick of Taiwan Sausage. Every single time. Now, that habit hasn’t rubbed off me.

About a week ago, workers started putting up tents at the junction of Bedok North Road and Bedok North Avenue 3. The Pasar Malam drought is over, I thought.

Like a kid, I waltzed up to the Taiwan Sausage booth yesterday, took out a dollar coin and got myself an oily, grilled red tube of goodness for a dollar. But it wasn’t all that good. My mouth has to chew through fillers and an extremely hard outer binder. It wasn’t piping hot too.

I wasn’t put off just yet.

Instead, I went to queue up at the Ramli burger stall. About 30 hungry minutes and 15 patient patrons later, I got myself a $3 mayo-filled beef delight. All was well, the service was good, but the buns weren’t grilled. They were cold and tasted raw, not like the usual buns I know. Being more efficient was more important to them, I figure.

Again, I had faith in getting good food, which failed me terribly. I ordered my second Taiwan Sausage and boy, it was terrible. Tasted nothing like meat, which isn’t surprising for processed food.

So, if you are planning to make a special trip down to the Pasar Malam here in Bedok, think again. You may not want to waste part of your precious 2,000 kcals on such food.

Nonetheless, as a Pasar Malam fan, I will go down this evening to try something else. If it were to fail me again, I will just have to exercise the junk (literally) food away.


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