Sorting out display resolution issues in Mavericks

Just got your new MacBook/ Pro and you can’t wait to connect your Apple to an external display, projector or monitor through the MiniDisplay Port?

You need to know this. Your spanking new Fruit on the new Mavericks operating system may not pump out the best-looking image on your external display.

For example, while your external TV, monitor or projector supports a HD resolution of 1280 by 768, your MB/P may output PowerPoint slides and exciting videos at a measly resolution of 800 by 600, which is a huge reduction in image clarity. This apparently happens quite often on Macs running on Mavericks.

Hands up if you have this issue. But fret no more, here’s a simple solution that worked for me. Sharing it with you 🙂


Hold Alt/ Option while clicking the ‘Scaled’ button in the ‘Display’ settings for your external display. You will see an expanded list of resolutions that you can choose from to for whatever displays you have.

Try it!


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