Accommodation in Queenstown, New Zealand (Blue Peaks Lodge)

Christchurch, Mount Cook, then Queenstown. Queenstown is about 3 hours away from Mount Cook, by car of course. Queenstown, so far, was the most town-looking town. In my definition of a town, that is. The town centre was crowded with shops, people and cars. There are many motels, some with traditional fireplaces. We stayed 3 nights in Queenstown, because there were many activities to do there.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Living room

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Well equipped living room/ kitchen/ dining room

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | No prize for guessing where we stayed at

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | No prize for guessing where we stayed at

Name: Blue Peaks Lodge

Address: 11 Sydney Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Rate per night: $220+

My rating: 3.8 Ki out of 5 Wis (mainly because of its location and size)

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | View from just outside the lodge.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | View from just outside the lodge.


  • 5 to 10-min walk away from the main town centre – not too close yet not too far. Just walk out of the lodge and down the street (the street’s just outside the left-hand-side of the second image above)
  • 3-min walk away from Queenstown Gardens (must-go)
  • Off-street parking right under the lodge
  • Two heaters with heated duvets for the beds
  • Extremely spacious apartment with fully equipped kitchen (electric stove, exhaust fan, electric kettle, clean utensils and cutlery, etc) – looks just like a 4-room HDB flat
  • Separate bedrooms with one central toilet
  • Washing machines and dryers are available, but I can’t remember how much each cycle costs

Room for improvement:

  • Staff could be friendlier and warmer.
  • Milk’s not provided, but the supermarket isn’t too far away
  • Housekeeping completed the cleaning up later than what we expected during our stay
  • Wi-Fi access is payable

Some notes:

  • We are a family of four and had to choose bigger rooms to fit us all. Rooms for two would be slightly cheaper.
  • I won’t talk about their television and pay TV channels (named SKY TV). Travel to watch TV? Nope, they weren’t our focus.
  • The front desk and housekeeping services, like many other shops, restaurants and tourist attractions, are not available round-the-clock. Their working hours are stated clearly at the respective reception. Remember to grab your extra boxes of tissues or toilet rolls early.
  • If you need help in any town, find an i-site (NZ’s visitor information centre)


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