The Red Rice


Thank you, Xiaomi, for the pleasant overall experience with you. What a surprise to receive a little note in the package.

I usually buy phones with a mobile plan to enjoy a discount off the handset.

But at $169, Xiaomi’s Redmi is extremely affordable. There are already many good reviews online, but I just wanna say that for its price, I do not have much complaints.

Importantly, the phone’s interface is smooth and responsive, which is a must for the phones I own.

Boot up wait time is extremely slow though, just so you know. And Redmi doesn’t support Wireless N at 5GHz.

For those who are interested, Redmi’s SAR Value is 0.588W/kg (max). iPhone 5s comes in at 1.19W/kg while the Galaxy S4 is at 0.399W/kg.

So mum, since you have been asking, here’s a (cheap) smartphone for you from your beloved son 🙂


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