ESET Cyber Security Pro (Review)

I am proud that I need not any resource-hogging virus scanner. No funky firewall allow or disallow traffic prompts.

These statements are proclaimed by Mac users, who are all too happy to forget the reasons behind they divorced the Windows platform. However, something we need to note is that while Windows malware does not pose any danger to a Mac, the Mac can act as a carrier, unwittingly passing along infected files from your Mac to other devices, for example, through a USB removable drive.

So let’s do our part to mitigate the spread of any computer virus! Getting a strong security solution is one, erm, solution. 🙂

When people mention virus scanners or security solutions, I think of Norton, McAfee, AVG, Avast, WinPatrol, or even SpyBot – Search and Destroy. ESET honestly doesn’t come to mind. Apart from the i-Robot look-a-like image, which no doubt is catching, the ESET brand name did not really work for me. ESET, for the longest time, did not jump up at me. Either that, or I was too engrossed with free products in the market.

So do you know what ESET is?

Image | ESET | ESET Logo

Image | ESET | ESET Logo

Thanks to the people at Version-2 Singapore, the exclusive distributor for ESET (a vendor of security software in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China), here I am with a brief review of the ESET Cyber Security Pro, hopefully to create some awareness of ESET and its products.

ESET Cyber Security Pro is created solely for Macs, bringing along with it an anti-virus and anti-spyware scanner, firewall and removable media and web protection, among others.

Image |BIG_MOUSE | ESET - Installation in Progress

Image |BIG_MOUSE | ESET – Installation in Progress

Installation was a breeze and the programme just takes up 64.8 MBs of hard drive space. No major alarm bells at this stage, as with all Mac software installation – truly fuss-free and no funky pop-ups. Note that there is no Dock icon. Access the software through the inconspicuous icon at the top taskbar.

So, what I like about this software?

Firstly, it doesn’t take up much system resources. It is doing a full, in-depth system scan and only takes up 30% of CPU. Note that I have nine Google Chrome tabs and eight other software programmes open. I can still sync my phone, play music and download large files without feeling or seeing any noticeable lag. Thumbs up. I seriously dislike virus scanners that hog resources – *looks intently at free security solutions*. But yea, they are free for a reason.

Secondly, the software UI looks deceptively simple, which is a good thing for novice users.

Image | BIG_MOUSE | ESET user interface

Image | BIG_MOUSE | ESET user interface

With one or two clicks, you would be able to access the basic features of the programme – scanning for malware, downloading virus signature updates and configuring basic settings. Now, for the expert users who like to tinker with advanced settings, just dive deep into the menu and you would have access to various features, such as creating firewall rules, viewing logs and enabling parental control.

Please note that the Cyber Security Pro works on Snow Leopard and above. Get a free 30-day trial here. Don’t like it? Remove it. Simple.

Wanna purchase it thereafter? Click here


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