One and only loot from PC Show 2013: Ultimate Ears 400


This is one pair of earphones that wow-ed me the moment I put it on. The other was the Sony MDR-EX510. Both sets fit my ears very comfortably and sounded reasonably good for its price. UE went for $59 (Usual $99) at PC Show 2013, while the Sony is going for $99 (Usual $129) at Jaben.

And being a person who cannot resist good deals (and good sound of course), I caved in and bought the UEs.

Initial thoughts (listening while typing):

– Very clear reproduction of high-mids (vocal range)
– Deep, punchy bass with smooth bass lines (not as mushy as the A-Jays), but may be a little too heavy for some
– Flat cables are definitely a must for today’s earphones. Dislike tangles.
– Comfortable fit. I got a good fit within seconds without much trouble. This good fit means that noise is naturally cancelled out. Tried it at PC show and will try it on SG’s public transport system soon.
– Overall good sound quality that rivals (and even exceeds in my opinion) pairs that cost $500+.

Finally, if you want to have the remote that works with your iPhone, be prepared to top up about $40+ more to get the UE 400vi. Go have a listen!


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