Malaysia, Truly Asia: A series of posts to come soon

Pull: I am so tempted to blog about my recent trip up North to Malaysia.

Push: Temptations aside, it really takes a bit of effort to sit down and compile all the information necessary to churn out posts that do justice to the nice places that we went to.

Thanks to Nat Geo and Discovery for screening Air Crash Investigations and Seconds from Disaster, I have a phobia of flying. That may also explain why I am usually ‘stuck’ to having holidays in Malaysia as I feel safer driving up (weird, but yea. haha). Maybe I am easily contented, but I really think that Malaysia is a nice place too. I hope my subsequent posts will do just that – help draw people to the “Truly Asia” nation (lol).

So for now, I shall try to outline what I want to write about. Note that this is just a rough guide. The following outline may change. Stay tuned for


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