Car Spa after 5 long years: System 6

Just got back from a 1411km drive to and from Malaysia for a family (grad) trip. And it was wonderful. More details about the trip to Malaysia another time.

Now, about the trusty workhorse that brought us safely back to Singapore after a long long drive up north (and it has been serving us well even after 5.5 years and almost 140,000 km). Like a soldier coming home, our Hyundai Avante came back really dirty. Dead bugs, mud splats, tyres that looked like they were a hundred years old were just but a few battle scars.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The trusted Hyundai that brought us safely home

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The trusted Hyundai that brought us safely home

Knowing that a drive up north will take a toll on the car, we made an appointment for a nice System 6 treatment session. We have never spent precious moolahs on expensive car washes and waxing sessions as we can do it ourselves cheaply. But upon hearing that this System 6 Treatment thing costs (only) SGD 175 (w/o GST), and that they will be giving a special discount as we are Hyundai owners, we jumped on the opportunity to pamper the car. For once. Other Paint Protection System providers offered packages from 300 dollars and up. Some can even cost 500 bucks man.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Tuff-Kote storefront

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Tuff-Kote storefront

We sent the car in bright and early, and got the car back within 2 hours. 3 workers worked hard on the car – Soaping, washing, applying the sealant, vacuuming, treating the rubber surfaces, etc. More details about the System 6 process can be found here.

One particular worker made our day. He meticulously used the toothbrush to ‘scrub’ away the years of leftover car wax that dried in between the gaps in the panels. He even took the initiative to vacuum the interior a second time as the previous worker didn’t do a thorough job.

However, I don’t remember them blow-drying the car. They just manually wiped the car down, and without waiting for the car to fully dry, applied their sealant. This may reduce the effectiveness of the sealant (?, I think). Also, do note that if your paintwork is badly damaged (water spots, oxidised markings, deep scratches), this System 6 won’t help cover those flaws. From what I know, System 6 just adds a protective layer. It is not a magical solution to remove paint flaws as well. You need to opt for a polish instead (thus, you need to know the key differences between waxing, polishing and sealing).

Anyhow, it was a good experience overall. Am not really sure how long this paint protection system will last though, but they did mention that you have to go back every 6 months for re-treatment (70 bucks w/o GST). I don’t think that we will spend 70 bucks every 6 months on this. lol. We will just do it myself with my pails, hoses, car detergent and our trusty bottle of wax from Meguiars or Armourall. It’s still the cheapest option.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | 2.5 hours later, the result

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | 2.5 hours later, the result


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