IC9204: Introduction to Software Engineering

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | IC9204 Course Syllabus

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | IC9204 Course Syllabus

The first of two papers of my last semester in NTU has come to an end. IC9204 (Introduction to Software Engineering) is over. Next up, in 5 days (effective 3.5), the final of the finals, COM464 (International Public Relations). The paper on Friday will thus conclude my 4-year journey through university.

Now about the paper I just took. May I now bring your attention to the image above. Why yes, the professor’s slides are pain. All of his slide packs have no colours, save for a few diagrams. This can only mean one thing – you are free to highlight his main points in all the colours you want. And yes, during his lectures, he will reveal hints about the important study pointers for both the CA (20%) and the exams (80%).

Apart from absorbing his many hints, attending his usually-dry lecture can sometimes be humourous. The girls in this class liked his cute-ness. This Dr Tan is really quite old but friendly-looking. He felt too shy to even take a group photo with us after our last lecture. He quickly packed up and left. Funny guy.

Yeap, the course is pretty easy on hindsight. Though there were a lot of information to memorise, we revised the main points revealed in the study guide over and over again (yes, he verbally summarised his course at the end of his last lecture). And from what we have experienced, creating unique-sounding acronyms can really help too (POMCRIDS, IFF, WIES, CPMCD, OCOIAAG,  are just some examples).

The title of the course may sound daunting and all, and you may think that it is going to be tough even through the first few lectures. I bring good news, hopefully. This course isn’t going to help you become an engineer by drowning you in technical jargons or details. Most of his lecture was about the general idea and practice of project management (in context of building a software program). You can even take the general principles taught and apply in your own projects too (I think).

I don’t think our class of 5 SU-ed this subject. Yes, 5 only. The prof was quite ‘sad’ when he found out only 5 signed up, He claimed that he can usually get an average class size of 10 and above. Then, he motivated us (to not ‘drop’ his course) by saying that most of his students normally secure an ‘A’ for this subject (believe it or not?).

Results aside, we had fun, helped each other with difficult concepts, joked around with our prof and completed this supposedly-tough course throughout these 13 weeks.


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