Luncheon Meat: 50-cent (1.50RM)

There is a photo floating around social media now. You will understand the title of this post when you see it.

Okay, back to the main topic. Here’s a simple question. Where can you find the cheapest portion of a dish of cooked meat? Where else but a mixed vegetable rice stall! Or is it.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | A can of mili luncheon meat

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | A can of mili luncheon meat

A slice of this nice-tasting meat costs just 50 cents (some stalls charge 70 cents now). A normal serving of a meat dish costs 1 dollar, 1.50, and up to 3 dollars for a service of fish or seafood.

I finally decided to find time to figure out how many slices you can squeeze out of a can of luncheon meat that can sit on the shelves for about 3 years. After purchasing a can of mili luncheon meat for $1.80 (on offer now till the end of the month; usual price = $2.20; can’t really remember), I started slicing it and managed to get 12 reasonably-thick semi-circle slices. I think my slices were still thicker than those being sold at most food stalls.

12 slices of this preserved meat. If I were to sell them at 50 cents each, I will earn $6. Wow, a super healthy profit margin. Yes, I will need to pay for a stall front, my overheads, my utility bills, etc. However, I don’t think stalls buy their cans of luncheon meat at $1.80. They will definitely be getting them at privileged prices.

To save some money, and if I were to have a craving for some slices, I will prepare them myself. At home. I can choose not soak them in oil which makes my meal (slightly, very slightly) healthier. And and, I can eat them ‘fresh’, hot and crispy. (Will try toasting it the next time)

A random note: Why call this sodium-nitrite-filled can of preserved mashed meat, luncheon meat? I’m at a loss here. haha.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Finish this whole can, and you will exceed your daily salt intake limit

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | You will exceed your daily salt intake limit if you were to finish this whole can


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