TSK takes on a new meaning

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Tan Seng Kee Foods, better known as TSK

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Tan Seng Kee Foods, better known as TSK

I think ‘TSK’ has got to be one of the uniquely-singapore sounds we make or we hear on a daily basis.

  • Step on someone’s toes, you get a ‘tsk’
  • Knock into someone, you get a ‘tsk’
  • Forgot to hand in your homework, a ‘tsk’ flies over
  • Tailgate others, you ‘tsk’. Kena tailgated, you ‘tsk’ also
  • Almost anything done or said, can be followed by a ‘tsk’ or a series of ‘tsks’

After about 2 decades of living in Singapore, I have found that aunties are the ones who freely use ‘TSKs’. They barge into your queue, they ‘tsk’ you. You reclaim your queue position, they ‘tsk’ you. You block an auntie’s view, you get a ‘tsk’ with a pair of killer eyes as a gift. I can go on with more examples, but my books are calling out to me.

I just love some ambiguous and abstract English is. Apple is a type of fruit, till Apple Inc came into the picture. Well, ‘TSK’ takes on a new meaning as well. ‘TSK’ started out as a random sound word to express discontent. Now, ‘TSK’ can mean Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd. Apart from the acronym spelt out clearly in its logo, the URL of its website is http://tskfood.com Made me laugh this fine morning.

(Just saying) Next time an auntie ‘tsk’ me for no reason, I shall give her a packet of noodles courtesy of Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd. And out of courtesy, I will ask the auntie the flavour that she prefers (Hokkien Noodles, Hokkien Flat Noodles, Kway Teow, Ipoh Hor Fun, Bee Tai Mak, Laksa Noodles, Kway Chap, Hor Fun).

P.S.: I have never tried TSK’s noodles yet, so please don’t ask me how they taste. lol.


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