StarHub Rewards: The Better Way

After years (exaggerating of course) of analysing, I have finally found a better way to redeem my StarHub reward points. People with SingTel, feel free to contribute too (am not too sure about Red Rewards as the scheme started quite recently).

Till now, I am quite amused at how people complain like mad just because they cannot claim movie tickets for 1200 pts, or some 20-dollar shopping voucher for about 1500 pts. Doing a quick calculation, the average points per dollar required for these 3rd-party items (because they are not from StarHub directly) is about 75 points per dollar. That is, a subscriber needs to ‘spend’ about 75 points just to get a dollar’s worth in voucher form. Looking at the screen shot below, you can do your own calculations too.

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | StarHub Rewards (Wine and Dine)

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | StarHub Rewards (Wine and Dine)

So, what’s the better way? For me, I rather get cash-off my subscription plans than to exchange my points for vouchers or other gifts. Apart from it being more convenient as I do not need to specially go to a merchant just to exchange those vouchers, I get a better deal from StarHub. Recall how a dollar’s worth of voucher costs about 75 StarHub Reward points? What if I were to tell you that there is a better way to spend your points – get cash off your monthly bills instead of ‘wasting’ points on vouchers.

Arranged in order of decreasing value (as compared to about 75 reward points/dollar for vouchers)

  • 33.38 points/dollar (Maxonline Express: 2000 points to get $59.92 in rebate)
  • 32.9 points/dollar (SmartSurf 100: 1250 points to get $38 in rebate)
  • 32.5  (IDD Talktime: 650 points to get $20 in rebate) (Redeem it and $20 will be deducted off your mobile bill. You dont have to make any IDD calls.)
  • 32.35 points/dollar (3 Basic Groups: 900 points to get $27.82 in rebate) (This is the best redemption option, so far, based on the points/dollar calculation)

The thing about using the points to claim StarHub-related rewards (subscriptions, etc), you get the full monetary value credited into your account. In the past, I always thought that claiming a month’s worth of subscription isn’t worth it as I usually do not need to pay the usual subscription price because of Hub Club or discounts. Here’s an example. Usual price of a MaxOnline subscription costs $59.92 per month. But because of their promotions and stuff, I only pay $44-ish per month. However, if you were to claim a month’s worth of MaxOnline subscription, StarHub will credit the full $59.92 into your next bill. Any leftover credit will be carried over to offset your following bill. That simple. Redeem the amount, and it will be credited into the next mobile, tv or broadband bill, depending on your service claimed.

I hope that my calculations are correct. And yes, the information here is correct at time of post.


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