NTU: Looping Video Advertisements

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Best place to loop NTU's advertisements

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Best place to loop NTU's advertisements

While I understand the need to keep students informed about events in and news about NTU, there should be a better place to install the television set. Listening to lectures and tutorials with loud advertisements on loop filtering into this tutorial room is a quite an experience I must say.

An incident: A boring lecture was interrupted by a funny-sounding jingle. My concentration wavered for a while as I payed close attention to that more interesting (and annoying as well) sound clip. My mind slowly drifted back into the 1s and 0s of this ICT minor. That cycle repeated itself. Within that 2-hour lecture, I totally lost count of the number of times the same jingle replayed.

NTU, the best. Anyhow, I called CITS. CITS forwarded me to FRC. FRC diverted me to CELT. Finally, someone at CELT said that he will go look into the matter. I’m not sure how long it will take for them to rectify this issue. My patience can’t be tested that much longer anyway since school will end in two weeks. Hopefully, future batches of students using this tutorial room won’t have to ‘tahan’ the noise from those television sets.


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