McDonald’s: A new history in the making (East Coast)

Old don’t go, new don’t come. A direct translation of a commonly-used Mandarin Chinese phrase.

I definitely miss the old outlet at East Coast Park. The playground, the outdoor seating area, the skate-in queue, the cramp toilet cubicles, etc. Now in it’s place is a dark, cordoned off area marked for demolition. It was eerily deserted as we cycled past the once-populated area beside the bowling centre. The government has announced plans to revamp this plot of land.


McDonald’s has set up a new outlet closer to East Coast Food Village. It is now just beside No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. It’s my first time here after their relocation and I think it’s a rather nice cosy place too. The service counters of both McDonald’s and McCafe are on the naturally ventilated first floor. Has a chalet/ rest stop feel. Air conditioned seating is available on the 2nd floor.

Yes, nothing can replace the old site near the bowling centre. But 30 years from now, this outlet will have its own history. I am so looking forward to that.


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