#InstantPower: Inspirations

Thanks to the people at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and Sony, I was given the opportunity to run a Twitter contest. Simply, readers had to just creatively craft tweets that included 2 keywords – #instantpower and @BIG_MOUSE. It was exciting for me too as it was the very first giveaway from this blog.

Now, for the winning tweets (arranged alphabetically).

  • @incrdiblechimey – #instantpower is better than instant noodles. Why? it’s always easier to call for delivery. or call your mummy. @BIG_MOUSE
    • I literally lol-ed when I saw this tweet. Subtly humourous. Nice.
  • @marcusyong – #Instantpower , a great way to charge @BIG_MOUSE
    • The lack of a punctuation mark makes this tweet a interesting one. Yes, I do need some charging up.
  • @NiVleKsg – Draw Something sucking out the power? #InstantPower lets you Draw Some More Things. @BIG_MOUSE
    • Nice wordplay here. Who wouldn’t want some more power to Draw Some More Things.

The 3 winners above are in the process of collecting their pairs of Sony Portable Chargers. Congrats, peeps! Hope you will enjoy them.

I will post, for the fun of it, some of the more interesting ones too. Thanks for all the tweets. I sure hope you had fun. I sure did. Too bad I only had 3 pairs to give away.

  • This came in 4th. Close. Took a while for me to decide.
    • @yehongxiang By the #InstantPower vested in me, I now pronounce myself man and charged up device.
  • Some tried to play with @BIG_MOUSE
    • @coldkohmew – #InstantPower gives me a big boost in catching the @BIG_MOUSE
    • @Elaine4059 – I thought I wanted #InstantPower, turns out I just wanted @BIG_MOUSE
    • @behindthebasics – I wish to win some #instantpower from the powerful @BIG_MOUSE’s blog this instant.
  • To fully understand some tweets, you will need a shared field of experience
    • @rachelchiamaka – I need #Instantpower to “keep up with people” on twitter ☺
    • @bahchormee – If I had #instantpower, I can finish my fyp in 3 days
  • Some needed more energy for work
    • @iamahungrybear – bunny needs #instantpower for work, falling asleep soon.
    • @behindthebasics – I need #instantpower because everytime i step into the office i become instantly powerless.
  • A poet submitted an entry too
    • @ mhisham – A charger by any other name, will it charge the same? #InstantPower 😉

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