Creative Gigaworks T3 Volume Fluctuating Problems

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The Problem-Causing Item of Creative Gigaworks T3

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The Problem-Causing Item of Creative Gigaworks T3

Stuck with your out-of-warranty Creative Gigaworks T3? Volume fluctuating problems? Creative doesn’t want to replace the unit for you? Creative doesn’t allow you to buy the 15-dollar volume control remote? Don’t want to travel all the way to International Business Park?

I have had to survive with 4 different hardware failures within a year of purchase (see account of events here). No doubt, the sound quality is rather good. But what’s a sound system without a reliable volume control. Well, the volume fluctuation problem resurfaced again. And now without a valid warranty (expired 2-ish months ago), I do not have bargaining power. Even an email plea to them didn’t work. Here are some quotes from Creative’s reply.

With regards to your enquiry, please refer to the article below to check if the volume control is faulty or not. If issue persists, I am sorry to inform you that the warranty for your last replacement extends to December 2011, thus we can not help repair or replace the speaker for you since it is out of warranty. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we can offer you a 10% discount code for you to purchase a new set of speaker from our online store.

I obviously knew that the troubleshooting tips wouldn’t work. Still, I tried. Problem remained. After those major hardware failures in the past year, there is no way that I am going to make use of the 10% discount code just to have to manage those issues if I were to purchase it off their online store. I already paid close to SGD 300 for my first T3, and I am not going to pay SGD 251.1 for a replacement set just to face the same issues again.

I just resigned to the fact that Creative wouldn’t do anything for a small fry like me. Thankfully, KM told me that it could just be a contact problem in the remote. So now, I’m here to share this information with you. Essentially, you need to tear open Creative’s patented remote to flood contact cleaner into the variable resistor. Watch the following video for more details. Pictures are attached below the video.


Image 1: You first need to pry open the top cover (seen at bottom of image) with a flathead screwdriver. Slowly work around the circumference of the volume remote to loosen the glue holding the top cover (see the glue residue circled in red). You need then need to open the main module using a small Philips screwdriver (screw holes circled in blue) and a spanner to loosen the nut (circled in red).

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Top Cover Pried Open

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Top Cover Pried Open

Image 2: Key culprit circled in green – the 4-point potentiometer. You need to flood this with contact cleaner. Remember to dry it off well before turning the unit on again.

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The Key Culprit

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | The Key Culprit

10 thoughts on “Creative Gigaworks T3 Volume Fluctuating Problems

      • Do you know if there are any copies of this knob that are cheaper? I got offered to buy an original from Creative for 30 Euro plus 15 Euro for the shipping but I found it way too expensive.

      • That I’m not too sure… I won’t trust the copies if the original is already this unreliable.

  1. Same problem and same obligation ! i need to buy a new one from Creative for 45€ !!! Mine just get down after 1 year ! it was already replace with the warranty but it’s too late now so i need to buy another one or i could have 10% for a new kit -_-‘ (who gone a broke in less than a year…) I’m loving it ! ><'

  2. Did anyone try to get the pot replaced instead? I mean just the pot with another one of higher quality that won’t degrade after a year. I bet that would solve the problem once and for all for 5 bucks.

  3. This video (in French with English annotations) suggests to forget about fixing the pot and just bridge the middle pins. You lose the ability to adjust volume but it stops the fluctuation issue.

    Caveat: I never ended up trying this. The act of disassembling and reassembling my control fixed my issue Go figure :-S

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