An Uber Huge Dry-Ice Making Contraption

As a kid, I always liked weddings. Not for the food, not really for the company, but more of seeing buckets of dry ice sublimating into white CO2 gas. As a kid, I always looked forward to birthdays with ice cream cakes. Not for the ice cream cakes, not for the presents, but more of scooping up the excess dry ice into a disposable cup and adding water to it. Those were the days man. We would be running about, carrying cups of makeshift white-smoke generating machines.

Now, cubes of dry ice from Swenson’s no longer suffice, buckets of dry ice lining the aisle no longer do too. We need this. This is the uber cold Liquid Nitrogen (recall the movie: The Terminator).

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Liquid Nitrogen Refuelling at NTU

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Liquid Nitrogen Refuelling at NTU

Haha, not exactly Liquid Nitrogen though. I don’t think we can play with Liquid Nitrogen without dying like almost instantaneously (recall The Terminator again). Yes, you can read all about the dangers of touching liquid nitrogen here.

The white gases you see is just air that is super cooled into a fluffy cloud-like material (much better than breathing in CO2 gas from sublimating dry ice). The pipe from the tanker that is carrying liquid nitrogen into the storage tank is supposedly super-cooling the air surrounding it, thus generating these clouds. I seriously had this temptation to go play then, but sadly, there was a parked Altis around the corner, and the driver of the tanker was staring (scarily) at me taking photos.

My first time ever, seeing such a sight. Seeing such a sight, what a weird sentence full of redundant words.


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