What Type of Singaporean are You? (Online Quiz)

Ever wondered how Singaporean you are and what stereotypical images of Singaporeans do you fit under? Take a free online 10-question quiz as many times as you like at “It’s My Turn” to find out more about your Singaporean-ness.

(Do note that you will need to sign up for an account with them or log in using your Facebook account to view your results. Also, the questions and answers are more comical than not, and thus the results aren’t scientific in nature. But hey, this quiz brought a smile to my face. Very nicely-designed website; quite pleasing to the eye. Try it out! haha!)

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | It's My Turn to take this quiz

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | It's My Turn to take this quiz

Now for my results…

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | The Quiz Results

Screen shot | BIG_MOUSE | The Quiz Results

Apart from the nice graphical layout and fancy, colourful elements, the results are actually quite true eh. I am apparently a “Break-the-law-only-if-you-have-no-choice” Singaporean. I shall just bask in the knowledge that I am an obedient yet opinionated person (=p) who exercises (as regularly as I can), takes breaks from tasks and wouldn’t mind more ang-bows from the government.

I won’t spoil your fun by revealing the questions and the options, go try this entertaining 10-question quiz here yourself! I think they have more than 10 questions in their database, so please try the quiz as many times as you want and just laugh out loud while doing it.

And want to see how other Singaporeans are like visually? Click on ‘speak‘, ‘eat‘, ‘play‘ or ‘do‘ to see the visually-appealing results.


It’s My Turn is part of this year’s Total Defence campaign and its aims are to help Singaporeans appreciate how Total Defence is instrumental in safeguarding our way of life, and to step forward to do something meaningful and good for the community.

As I was browsing the website, I found a particular social initiative that aims to raise funds for Boys Town to upgrade their facilities by selling t-shirts and decals designed pro-bono by local designers (More details about the campaign can be found here, feel free to support my course-mates and their noble cause).

Other ways to participate in giving back to the community can be found here too.


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