MILO Easy Cool

No other drink can replace the ubiquitous cup of MILO. I have been drinking it all my life. Apart from cold fresh milk, soya bean and grass jelly, MILO has been my staple drink in life.

I have 2 main ways of conjuring a cup of MILO (Normally with powder from the tin. I don’t really like the taste of the 3-in-1 premixes because they are normally too milky for my liking).

  • 1st method: Fill a cup to the halfway mark with nothing but pure MILO powder. Add boiling hot water to the brim. Good for dipping butter/ wheat biscuits. Yums.
  • 2nd method: Fill a (slightly bigger) cup to the halfway mark with nothing by pure MILO powder. Add enough boiling hot water to dissolve the powder, and then add a huge load of ice. Good for cooling off after sports or just to escape a hot day.

For method 2, boiling the water needed to dissolve the MILO powder takes time and loads of electricity/ gas (imagine your dollar bills flying away). Not forgetting the large amount of ice needed to cool off that hot drink (and the time and energy taken to freeze the water molecules). Simply put, more energy is wasted when trying to lower the temperature of a cup of boiling hot milo as compared to cooling a cup of water at room temperature (was a Physics student =p).

Image | Nestle | MILO Easy Cool

Image | Nestle | MILO Easy Cool

To provide an even easier way to make cool or cold MILO, Nestle has introduced MILO Easy Cool. Simply pour cold water to a sachet of MILO Easy Cool, stir and add a few cubes of ice, and tada, instant cool/ cold MILO.

Preparation Stage: Dissolving the 3-in-1 sachet of East Cool was pretty easy, definitely with much less effort compared to trying to dissolve the traditional powder in cool water. However, similar to trying to dissolve half-a-cup of traditional powder in hot water, tiny little chunks of Easy Cool powder can still be seen after some stirring. Unless you wanna have little ‘mocha’ chips in your drink, you need to stir a little longer.

Taste: MILO Easy Cool doesn’t taste as milky as the traditional 3-in-1 sachet (which is good for me). The core taste of MILO is still there (thankfully).

Overall: At first, it’s a little weird seeing MILO powder being dissolved in cool/ cold water. I am so used to seeing and breathing in the steam when making hot MILO. But, this is a good solution to save energy boiling water while making it convenient for people to have this drink anytime, anywhere (you just need a cup/ bottle and some cool or cold water from the tap or water cooler). But I won’t immediately throw away my tin of pure MILO powder just yet as I prefer that over the 3-in-1 taste.

What’s the retail price? S$6.30 for a pack of 15 Easy Cool sachets. For the month of February, customers will get a free shaker bottle with every pack – Just Pour, Shake and Be Cool!

An idea for the near future – It would be great if Nestle can create pure MILO powder (in a tin) that can dissolve in cold water. I would prefer that over 3-in-1 sachets as I like my MILO thick.


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