Operation C.Z.A.R: An Alternate Reality Game

Singapore’s first Alternate Reality Game (ARG) campaign, led by four final-year students reading Communications Studies at NTU is currently underway. Titled Operation C.Z.A.R, or Corporate Zombie Active Resistance, the campaign blends fictional elements in a real-life scenario. Through puzzles and competitions, this social learning experience trains participants to fight against corporate zombie culture, helping people lead full and active lives.

Here’s their story…


Nutricula Pharmaceutical Corporation

The Antagonist: Nutricula Pharmaceutical Corporation (NPC)

NPC is an evil company about to launch a new product, Product X2. While Product X2 makes people work harder for longer periods of time, it saps them of their ability to lead full and active lives. It damages them physically and mentally, turning them into corporate zombies.

Watch Nutricula’s video teaser of Product X2 as this is crucial for the first task in the game play. Like their Facebook page and visit their corporate website for more info about the campaign/ contests.


The Protagonist: The Resistance

The Resistance is a group dedicated to fighting against NPC and the corporate zombie culture, helping people lead full and active lives.

Here is NPC’s email reply to my query about The Resistance…

Nutricula Pharmaceutical Corporation is unaffiliated with the group known as The Resistance. Only recently have we known about their existence when they committed wanton acts of vandalism on our Facebook page and website.
From what we have gathered, they are apparently offering some form of cash incentive to entice people to find supposed ‘evidence of our illegal activities’ and stopping the launch of Product X2™.

Follow their Twitter here and visit their website here. If you need a password to gain access, please watch the video here for the clue. And if you wanna save some brain cells, the password to enter TR’s website is … is … “immortalterrors” (without the quotation marks).


More contest details to come soon. Follow the relevant websites and social media highlighted above and you should be able to finally compete in a finale (to stop Product x2) to win cash! Here’s the final event poster.

CZAR Finale Event

CZAR Finale Event


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