Cisco Home Networking Survey: The Results

Remember the Cisco survey hosted on my blog a few weeks (or was it months) ago? Cisco has finally collated the results into this interesting infographic below.

Based on the results gathered from 350 respondents, more than half rated their wireless connection at home as less than ‘good’ and more people are connecting multiple devices to their home routers.

Those results are in line with my expectations since our broadband connection speeds aren’t quite as good as the advertised speeds. We are also using more Internet-connection-dependent devices such as smart TVs, Network Attached Storage drives, WiFi-enabled phones and tablets, laptops which suck bandwidth and thus slow down Internet access speeds.

An interesting finding from this survey =

80 percent of respondents consider the reliability and quality of their wireless connection as most important when selecting a wireless router for the home network while only 11 percent view value-for-money as the most important factor.

I have always thought that money is a huge concern as people may not really know the key differences between a cheap or an expensive router. For me, I try as much as possible to buy a reliable router with advanced features at the lowest possible price. I do not really need a nice looking router. “Cheap and good, can liao” – one of my favourite phrases (this motto is only valid in certain situations only).

Home Networking Survey Infographic

Home Networking Survey Infographic


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