The Best Rain Dance: Car Wash

I think I finally found the best way to call in Mr. Rain/ Drizzle/ Thunderstorm. Some people use charms like onions, garlic, etc. Some people prefer dancing around a mulberry bush.

Well, I got a unique, tried-and-tested solution that needs no participation in any activity that has the potential to lend you into the hands of a psychologist/ shrink.

Wait for it, wait for it. The best method to call in the rain (apart from praying) = sending your car for a wash, or painstakingly doing it yourself.

Every single time, as far back as I can remember, the sky has never failed to empty its H2O (plus many other impurities) store as soon as I am done washing/ waxing. It’s terribly amusing, amusingly amazing and amazingly frustrating all at the same time.

I normally spend 2 to 3 hours, washing, drying and waxing the car by hand. Yes, I can’t bear to part with 30-50 over bucks to get complete strangers to do this. Too much money, and strangers manhandling this vehicle, nah. So to have the acid rain pour down within minutes or hours after everything is done nicely, zzz.

But it’s okay, it’s alright, I shall just be thankful that I can see these cute little droplets (see image below).


I can be the best (rain) forecaster; better than NEA.


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